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“Tiffany”: The Review!

True story: I have both Tiffany albums in my iPod. And by both, I mean, the two that I know of — “Tiffany” and “Hold An Old Friend’s Hand.” Tiffany holds the ultimate key to my heart, as she sang … Continue reading

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Ladies And Germs

So I know I’m not a mom, and it’s a very hard job, and I won’t understand until I have a kid of my own, yada, yada, yada. Still. I feel that it is very important for me as an … Continue reading

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You Know You Grew Up In The ’80s If: The Deluxe Edition, Now With Commentary!

1. You’ve ever ended a sentence with the word SIKE. Yeah, okay, when did that become the spelling of it? I used to make fun of Krysi for writing it that way. But yeah, I did say it a few … Continue reading

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Reasons Why “Trojan War” Is The Best Movie Ever Made

1. You get to watch the “Boy Meets World” guy try to get laid, and who among us has not wished for that? 2. Witness the early stirrings of love between Will Friedle and Jennifer Love Hewitt, before she traded … Continue reading

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Things I Am Just Not In The Mood For Today

1. Giggling, squealing, and/or baby talk. If I am going to be subjected to coquettish behavior, then Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh had damn well better be involved. 2. Strong arming by my iPod. Seriously, I have 500 songs on … Continue reading

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Weak Conversation

I think I have finally reached my breaking point with the whole talking about what day it is thing. Holy crap! Like office chatter isn’t supremely irritating enough, especially if you are given to misanthropic tendencies. But this week is … Continue reading

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How Not To Get Laid: A Scene From 2004

The Setup: Me falling asleep on one couch, at a friend’s. Guy whom I’d just met that night, and who’d lost me at “I only listen to jam bands,” on the other. Silence. Guy: Do you want to come over … Continue reading

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