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We’re Gonna Put You in a Trance with a Funky, Funky Christmas: A Night Seeing the New Kids at 41/Long Last

It was sad to miss Boyz II Men’s entrance and opening with one of my all-time favorite songs, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” But it was also awesome, because I heard it with my friend Jackie, who’d … Continue reading

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Back to the Here and Now

I’ve been in the official work force since 1992, and babysitting since 1987. There were a couple of unemployed times after layoffs, but even then, I was always looking for work and still freelancing. The last time I had a … Continue reading

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Summer Camp, BFFs, and the Latest Ep of “Faking It”

In 1989, I went to summer camp with my redheaded best friend, as well as her other best friend. Together we rode in a van, learned the ice-cream man states song, then spent the rest of the week engaging in mostly good … Continue reading

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Vanderpump Rules: S1, Ep 1: Welcome to SUR

Words cannot convey my joy at Bravo’s decision to re-air Season One of Vanderpump Rules, just as we fans must settle in for the long winter’s night between the current reunion and future new episodes. So let’s get in our Deloreans and … Continue reading

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15 Reasons I Loved the New “Faking It”

1) Karma’s video out-Sparklesing Robin. 2) “I’ve never seen her walk this angry before.” ~ Amy 3) Lauren’s heels not sinking into the dirt, even though it’s warm enough to wear sundresses. 4) Redheaded BFF Karma referring to hamsters during … Continue reading

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Intentionally Cheesy Movie Night 25: Sugar Daddies

After really enjoying a bunch of Lifetime movies a few weeks ago, my luck on the DVR ran out and I hit a dry spell. But if any movie based on title alone was going to be awesome, “Sugar Daddies” … Continue reading

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Back to NY, Day One — Nanny & Pop-Pop’s House

My third trip back to New York was for my best friend’s wedding. Shannon and I met in sixth grade, became friends in seventh grade, and BFFs in eighth. So it’s been nearly 30 years. We went through junior and … Continue reading

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