How Not To Get Laid: A Scene From 2004

The Setup: Me falling asleep on one couch, at a friend’s. Guy whom I’d just met that night, and who’d lost me at “I only listen to jam bands,” on the other.


Guy: Do you want to come over here?

Me: No.

Guy: …


Guy: I don’t want to have sex, I just want to cuddle.

Me: (!!!)

Me: That’s okay.

Me: (trying not to laugh)

Not one minute later: Guy leaves house.

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4 Responses to How Not To Get Laid: A Scene From 2004

  1. Jimmy says:

    Okay, being as how I am normally, I would never EVER say that to a girl I’ve just met. It’s like putting a lable on your forehead that says, “Hello, I’m a douchebag.” So, with that in mind, I’ll just leave that one alone šŸ˜›

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