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Intentionally Cheesy Movie Night 1: Graduation Day

“The seniors at Midville High are DYING TO GRADUATE…” $3.99. Obviously, I needed to buy this movie. Or rather, convince my friend to buy it since I was sans cash. Though I would have sold myself on the street to … Continue reading

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An Unstoppable Force

It was a year ago today. Across the floor, in the art studio, everyone buzzing that someone had died. Then I heard “Heath Ledger” and my heart dropped. My brain started vibrating and ringing and all I could make out … Continue reading

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Dates & Dickiegrams

My first boyfriend was named Dick. We began our relationship in the fourth grade, when our mutual friend Jeffrey Paradise brought me a “Dickiegram” on the playground at lunch. I’d never received such a message, but was excited. Dick was … Continue reading

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Blonde Moments: Signs & Puppies

So I was driving on the parkway today and I look up and see one of those signs that are kind of like scoreboards? Where they basically spend tons of money to post irrelevant blather. Usually it’s along the lines … Continue reading

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Catering To The Classes

So back when I was a senior in high school, I decided that I wasn’t quite enough of a Sharon Cherske from “My So-Called Life,” maybe because that show didn’t exist then, more’s the pity, because man I could have … Continue reading

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Video Games of My Life

My relationship with video games, much like comics, has always been weird, sporadic, and old-school. Although I can’t work a 360 controller to save my life, there have been many a time when I’ve been completely obsessed with video games. … Continue reading

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Red Faced At Red Lobster

What I need you to do is take everything you think you know about working in a restaurant, tear it up, stomp on it, set it on fire, and throw it out the window into a pool of gasoline. Wait, … Continue reading

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