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Debbie Gibson’s “Out of the Blue”: A Review! (That rhymes.)

Now that I am done reviewing the redheaded rebel of the late ’80s otherwise known as “Tiffany,” it is time to focus on her towheaded arch-nemesis — Debbie Gibson. I can’t lie to you. For me, it was not even … Continue reading

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Tiffany’s “Hold an Old Friend’s Hand”: The Review!

  The long, hard wait is over! It’s time to review Tiffany’s second album! I remember liking it more than the first one — will I still feel the same way? INTRIGUE! 1. All This Time THEN: This song had … Continue reading

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“Tiffany”: The Review!

True story: I have both Tiffany albums in my iPod. And by both, I mean, the two that I know of — “Tiffany” and “Hold An Old Friend’s Hand.” Tiffany holds the ultimate key to my heart, as she sang … Continue reading

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