Juicing, Day Two: Pulp & Fiction

Day Two – Wednesday, August 9th

11 am

Natural Electrolyte Shot



Woke up this morning feeling decidedly less up-and-at-em than on Day One, but 10 minutes earlier, so progress! Also, despite yesterday’s 12-hour-long stomach ache, I felt better this morning than I have in awhile — very clearheaded, something I wasn’t expecting until at least Day Four.

Continued with the plan of daily grocery shopping for awhile in order to connect with the life of my food, but remember what I said yesterday about not subbing anything? Well, that was before the reminder that pineapple chunks cost more than my house! Jk, I don’t have a house. And I never will if I don’t wait for sales on pineapple. Until then, apples and pears will suffice and spinach will be moving back into the role of Supplemental Superhero, because it is only $5 for a huge-ass bin. Today’s total: $11.50.

So I was feeling very strong and positive, when suddenly I cried on the way into work thinking about the Veronica Mars/Lilly Kane friendship, so we’ll see what the day has in store. So far, I’ve had a shot that tastes like some kind of bodily fluid, which is to say not as *tasty* as apple. But apparently, it will be very helpful post-workout, should I ever return to the gym again.

1:52 pm

Pure Raw Energy Smoothie

I like the Pure Raw Energy Smoothie a lot, but it took me about an hour to make and is now taking even longer to drink! I guess that’s not a bad thing. Also, each serving calls for half a banana and half an avocado which you can eat separately, so I’m going to have the banana now and save the whole avocado for later in hopes of staving off the cheese demons.


3:30 pm

Finally remembered to drink my first glass of water since Sunday evening!


4:36 pm

Chlorophyll Cleanser


Drinking Chlorophyll Cleanser, and realizing there is a hidden challenge within the challenge, and that is learning how to spell “chlorophyll” without looking it up. Feeling good that the rest of my juice is made and the juicer is clean! Not to mention that today’s pulp reached a new record level!




The Rest of the Hours!

Drank the next Chlorophyll (I DID IT!) Cleanser at my friend Jen’s house. We are doing a Party of Five rewatch, and something about the Salingers’ woes helped me really appreciate my juice/life, and Jen’s treat of frozen fresh blueberries tasted like drops of pure heaven!

I went home in good spirits and on the one hand, couldn’t find the protein powder, but minus that, accomplished something for the first time since I tried this in January: I drank every juice on the day’s list and ate all the “solid” fruit. And I really did try to find the protein powder! Subbed in some sunflower seeds, since they are on the list, if not Day Two’s.

After waiting all day to eat my Big Dinner, the avocado (and now seeds) felt very luxurious. But then! My stomach hurt. Nothing like the first day, but I think for Day Three I will shun seeds and see how I feel. My grandmother couldn’t eat them but she was 91, so I don’t know if that’s it. However, the thought of avocado hurting me is more than I could bear at this time. It is my all-time favorite food, and symbol of hope.

Speaking of which, last night’s Party of Five included the S1 Thanksgiving episode, which reminded me a lot of my cat Dr. von Rockenstein, who passed away a few months ago. Later as I was making “dinner,” I saw the most beautiful avocado pit since 2005, possibly even cuter, so I washed it off and put it in the freezer like I did years ago. While crying, of course. Maybe my tears over Lilly Kane earlier in the day were really about Doc. Regardless, it all felt meant to be in that moment.

Today set another record: I didn’t cheat even once! I wanted a piece of cheese and would have let myself have one if I felt famished, but I was okay and not even that crave-y. It was shocking to feel this good on Day Two, but don’t want to get cocky or kid myself into thinking this is going to be easy. Still, it was great to have such a positive day and I really don’t want to give up.

Thanks so much for reading ❤

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2 Responses to Juicing, Day Two: Pulp & Fiction

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw some creature in the swamp that looks similar to whatever’s in your juicer in that last pic. This is the weirdest sounding diet, but good luck! 😀

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