No More Santa Soaps

It’s been nearly a year now.

One out of almost 40. In the other 39, I knew you.

You were there, and now you’re not. And no matter how smart I get or how much time passes, I’ll never understand. Still don’t.

Why anyone has to go away, leave this Earth, say goodbye. It’s why I struggle to believe in God anymore.

Perhaps there will come a time when I go to shower in the morning, and the sunlit bathroom doesn’t fill me with sadness, because your bathroom is one of the last places I viscerally remember, even though you hadn’t been in it for months.

Perhaps there will come a day where I don’t ache from knowing you’re not here anymore.

Perhaps, but I don’t know.

I seriously don’t know anything, anymore.

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5 Responses to No More Santa Soaps

  1. wheniwasaboy says:

    We’ve never met, you and I. I followed you on MySpace in what seems like an eternity ago. Your sensitivity was a draw then, and it still is. I don’t know the details about this post, and I don’t need to. I just wanted you to know you have been heard. This post is universal, and powerful, and good. Thank you for it.

  2. judisunshine says:

    Thank you, Anonymous — and you should.

  3. kellyshilo51968 says:

    I forgot what an amazing writer you are. I hope I’m not spamming you- I’m having trouble leaving my comment.

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