Juicing, Day One: Begone, Eyghon!

This will be my third official attempt at the Jason Vale 28-Day Super Juice Me! challenge. I’ve now watched the incredibly inspiring documentary (you can view it here for free! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aaxa7rxEbyk) and am ready to really fight for my health. I’ll be taking notes each day both to keep myself accountable, and because part of feeling healthy for me means writing again. Not everyone wants to hear about juicing to be sure, but hey! Maybe it will help others. And as I get more in the swing of things, I’ll be less rigid in structure. Thanks for bearing with me as I try to push over this soda machine (TM Seinfeld) once again!

Day One – Tuesday, August 8th

Supermarket success! The total for Day One was about $23 after using my King Soopers card, buying non-organic (sorry, organic — one day!), and not subbing out or reducing fruit. Also I plan to shop every day to be as in touch with the experience and the life of produce for at least a bit, until I get the ball rolling. Usually the beginning of the cleanse is less “rolling ball” and more “reversing direction of zooming Disneyland teacups,” so every bit of inspiration I can get is good, and the produce section always makes me feel healthy already by osmosis and its beauty. But anyway, the $23 included everything and then some, so future days can be shorter and cheaper trips.

11:30 am

Apple-Ginger Shot



Always delicious, but tastes more like humble pie than apple, because it’s a reminder of being back to square (or day) one. That’s okay though, because it’s still healthier than the carbs or nothing I usually have for breakfast. Technically I’m supposed to have this at 9am, but I’m working on getting up earlier and will stagger today’s juices accordingly. I nearly always sub out half an apple for some spinach, but I’m trying to do this as to-the-T as possible, so we’ll see how this goes both financially and blood sugarly.



Protein Powerhouse Smoothie


I often don’t do this one properly, because it is very time consuming and filling. Often I skip it altogether, probably a big reason I cheat later in the day. This time, I doubled the juice recipe to save half for later. I’ll be much more likely to stick with the program if I don’t have to do prep when I get home. And I blended the first serving of juice with everything — no chewing for me yet!

2:00 pm

Threw up my Protein Powerhouse 😥  Wishing the work clock ahead and doubting my determination to stick to the letter of the law, only two juices in! I’m supposed to drink beets in an hour and just don’t really see that happening. Though it was a relief to see small beets in the store, looking less terrifying than usual.

3:45 pm

Breath of Fresh Air


Haven’t drunk it yet, but forced myself to at least make the two servings I’m supposed to drink today. Which makes this the first official time I’ve made everything that the day’s directions call for, and I honestly consider that a success, especially since the juicer is clean (a task unto itself!), even though my stomach is still killing me from before. Plus now my hands smell like fresh mint and oranges ❤

Screw it, down the hatch it goes. Warm beets will help nothing.

4:02 pm

There is an episode of “Buffy” called “The Dark Age,” and in it, Angel has a demon jump into him to fight with his older and stronger demon. His face contorts; his eyes bulge out; he jerks around wildly until finally collapsing to the floor, and that is how I feel right now. Only I’m not sure which demon is winning. #BreathofFreshAirversusCarbandCheezLady

4:11 pm

On the other hand, an abiding feeling of revulsion makes food pics on social media look much less appealing and I know if I stick with the program, that feeling won’t last very long at all.

4:32 pm

The true hero of the last 20 minutes: Mint. The stomach pain has subsided; no vomiting occurred, and now my face has a peaceful tingle.

5:01 pm

Hunger pangs! Intense hunger pangs! And I can’t have my next juice for two hours! Oops, forgot to drink water.


The Rest of the Hours!

I forced down the second juice, but couldn’t bring myself to drink another throw-up smoothie. I did eat the half-avocado though, which set me off wanting to eat All The Things. I settled on two slices of Swiss and a little fresh parm, as well as a few pistachios. Not ideal, but better than the McDonald’s French fries I kept cheating with the last time. And it really did help me feel a lot better and greatly curbed temptation for carbs. However, there is no excuse for the little black and white cookie I ate in the middle of the night.

On to Day Two!




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2 Responses to Juicing, Day One: Begone, Eyghon!

  1. Replace juice with some sort of drug and this blog makes a whole lot more sense. 😀

    Kidding aside, i can’t imagine paying 23 dollars on vegetables in Prague or Georgia. That would fill up the entire living room. You’d be swimming in cabbage and beans.

    • judisunshine says:

      Haha that sounds awesome! Cabbage is really good to incorporate into the program; he did it with the patient with UC who was still struggling after everyone else was doing better.

      And King Soopers is the cheaper market here, AND this is me shopping when I know what I’m doing! It was insane the first time I tried. I bought like $12 worth of mint 😀

      Thanks for reading ❤

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