Mixing Up the Routine

One reason I love yoga is that it reminds me of cheerleading. Including a downside, which is how when I first try a routine, I can’t keep up and am like omg I’ll never get this, and everyone is smart but me! I was always the last to get a new cheer down. It took a LOT of explanation, patience, and repetition. But once I got it, I never forgot it.

I miss CorePower Yoga’s studios SO much for myriad reasons, but one is that I was still definitely not ready for Level Two and barely survived the Hot Power Fusion classes, but muscle memory and repetition were starting to slowly work their magic. I was getting better, and most relieving of all to me, I was beginning to remember the routines, especially when accompanied by my two main instructors’ playlists.

It’s been hard to motivate myself to do yoga at home, even though I have a mat and there’s great free options right on the TV, and I know I feel good once I’m doing it. At very least, once I’m done 🙂

But beyond the obvious, like my room doesn’t have a barnlike ceiling or people massaging and spraying rose oil on me (usually), it’s really intimidating to start a brand-new routine. I’m SO glad to have learned so much IRL first because I recognize so many poses and terms now and don’t have to look at the screen to follow along.

But then there will be something new, or the TV teacher will go much faster through a sequence than I’m used to and I’ll be like hey, my CorePower instructor was much nicer!

Since I’m not very good at Staying In The Moment, tonight as I was doing this 20-minute complete body (video? What would it be called?) I was thinking about this. I HATE learning new things when I’m bad at them. If I’m good, then I love learning!

But one thing I really was starting to learn at CorePower was that it was okay to be the worst in class, because especially with yoga, it’s not about that. And muscle memory and repetition really do wonders.

So when I started falling and slipping off my mat trying to do this twist thing, I remembered my other instructors saying it’s about “your practice.”

And I started thinking hey maybe instead of feeling bad because I haven’t learned taekwondo or become a ballerina during quarantine, I could practice this (video??) and make it a goal to keep up with it. If I can memorize all of Carmen Electra’s Blue DVD routines, I can memorize this and eventually do each move!

Just as I was feeling confident despite not being able to half-Britney my leg to the side (YET!), the instructor is all “So this is kind of fun,” and does this insane flip thing that not the 1984 Olympics nor the 1993 Rock and Roll skating show starring Scott Hamilton nor Buffy could have prepared me for.

“Well there goes that quarantine plan!” I lamented to myself. But then he goes, “To many, that’s simply ridiculous! And you can feel free to skip it.” Letting me off the hook from the flippy thing, but not my overall goal.

I won’t say that I have to do it every day. I will try. And I still dabble around with other routines. But this one, doable if I practice, 20-minute routine feels like a totally bite-sized goal I can set for myself right now, and that feels good.


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2 Responses to Mixing Up the Routine

  1. Mike Fortunato says:

    Hey doll, you look good for someone so old. Your story kinda reminds me of one of my own. Around 3 yrs ago, I took up martial arts. A great way to defend myself, to feel safe, relieving tension in the process. But much like your story, you don’t learn overnight. Baby steps. I went once or twice a week, learned just a tiny bit every time. Much of it was repetition, so often that eventually, you don’t even need to think, it just becomes reflex. I went for around a year, but only earned 2 belts (white 2, and yellow). I had to stop for ‘other reasons’. Becoming good will take commitment, and much longer than quarantine time.
    I’ll let you in on a secret (and do NOT share this on FB). In April 2019, my apartment lease ended. So I had to move. I was unhappy where I lived, extremely bored, and lots of difficulty with employment. Since I had to move anyway, I made probably the biggest decision of my life.
    I left New York (just in time and I didn’t even know it). Heard there was work down south, so I moved to Florida. Been here just over a year.
    Once this whole virus thing is over, I’m gonna take up martial arts again. Maybe not to Black belt, but definitely get past Yellow. And, like your Yoga, it will take commitment, determination, and a very long time. We only learn a tiny bit each session, but it does accumulate. Keep at it, and you will get the results you want.
    Btw, I’m glad to see you writing posts again.

  2. Saint says:

    Right on and keep it up! The only way to get good at something is to first be bad at it. 🙂

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