Juicing, Day 8: Hot Girls in Hot Tubs

Tuesday, August 15th: Day 8

9:15 am


Only 15 minutes from the start time in my app, I had my first shot of the day! Natural electrolyte.

  • I feel groggy and down and think it’s partially from taking generic-brand Nyquil last night. Not that I’d be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed if it were real Nyquil, just trying to keep it real, lest you think only rich fancy pants people do juice cleanses.


10:55 am
Oxygen Elixir

JV D8 Oxygen Elixir


I’ve never had this, and I like it! Apple, beet, carrot, spinach/kale mix, celery, and lemon. I think that lemon makes everything better.

Mid-day notes:

– Just want to break out of this funk. I still feel off course and undisciplined, even though when I look at what I’m consuming and what I’m not consuming, it’s kind of huge. But I want to feel more in control and am struggling with my energy levels. Think I will take break to go to Safeway and buy an avocado.

– Ate some nuts. I wish I felt my high of last week when I felt strong and confident. I feel like I went to battle without armor this week and I’m not quite sure why. Even my cheats, black and white cookies aside, have been reasonable and with good intentions. But I guess this is part of it too — getting through the doldrums and non-exciting parts, and going through the motions.

– Now that I think about it, I thought I was being extra hippie dippie and non-efficient by going to the store every day for my produce. But it was exactly the day I didn’t that things went downhill, juice-discipline-wise. So I’m on my way to Safeway for some apples, parsnips, celery that doesn’t feel like erasers, and avocados that I will eat so my brain doesn’t go crazy from having no fat.

1:36 pm

I know I had some nuts, but after I drank the Oxygen Elixir, three hours till the next juice felt like a sad eternity. But thanks to some water (oh, right, my body needs water) and the trip to the supermarket, they flew by and now I don’t even feel particularly hungry! Perhaps in addition to the sunshine and produce section, the Oxygen Elixir is really living up to its name 😮

3:43 pm

Low energy again, hour late, drinking Mineral Medicine – subbed extra carrot for apple and zucchini for cucumber so it wouldn’t go bad.


I like this! Has a kick, not sure from what — the parsnip? I taste the ginger, but it’s faint compared to the other taste.



Made rest of the Oxygen Elixir



Eating avocado. Can’t finish it.

The Rest of the Hours!


I totally had a glass of red wine tonight, and I’m not even upset about it. I had the bittersweet opportunity of attending a goodbye party for my dear friend Alice, and there was no way I wasn’t going to say “Yes, thank you” to one of the many glasses of the many bottles offered up at the home of my friend Melissa; i.e., one of THE best hostesses ever!

Plus, wine has grapes.

Meanwhile during the night, I learned something important. In case you didn’t believe me when I said Melissa’s parties were awesome, she has a freaking HOT TUB, like right there, next to the kitchen. And three of my girlfriends were in it. Having a good time would have been all that mattered, but all three of them have been working SUPER hard on their bodies and health this year, and they all looked incredible.

I just stood there, in my fake jeans and Sunnydale Razorbacks tee. I’ve also been working hard on my body and health, but literally have not bought a bathing suit since the late ’90s/possible early aughts. And I think it’s time to change that.

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