Juicing, Day 9: My Dirty Little Secret

So yesterday, I didn’t really do anything juice-wise, except for drinking the remains of Day 8 juice that looked remarkably like terra cotta runoff from Ruxton Avenue.

Essentially, I failed. I didn’t eat, but that’s not necessarily a good thing, and so I want to briefly talk about that today.

I have an eating disorder. It manifests itself in all kinds of ways, but I’m hyper aware of the fact that nearly no one notices, because I’ve never been even close to skinny.

In the days before the juicing challenge, I went four days without eating. Anything.

Yesterday, I did badly. Today’s not going swimmingly, but my head and heart are in the right places. And even just writing this today helps me know that the demons who threaten to possess me will not win. Not this time.

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