Juicing, Day 7: Trudging Along

Day Seven ā€“ Monday, August 14th

I can’t believe I’m on Day 7! I think this is the furthest I’ve made it so far. Got off to a late start, but it was a morning of positivity and I got more apples and pears, so it’s all good.

1:41 pm

Apple Ginger Shot


Very tasty today! I do kind of wish there were more shots on the program than just the two.


Green Zesty Super Smoothie


I still don’t have fennel so I had to skip it, and I really just can’t with avocados of indeterminable ripeness, so this wasn’t really a smoothie, but it was still good!


The Rest of the Hours!

Since I hadn’t drunk either Diuretic One from Day 6, I didn’t make any more juice, but instead had that as my two nighttime ones. Though I was very hungry by the time I got home from work, I headed straight to the fridge and poured a juice and in that moment it almost, kind of, felt natural. I’d still rather have gone straight for a snack or a glass of wine, but now that is kind of the point of this challenge, isn’t it!

And it was nasty. Not adding the pear really made the juice quite *savory,* not in the way that I like. But I drank it anyway, and the challenge was kind of fun! Kind of. Later on, I had the other half and by that point it felt like no big deal.

There was nothing of note in the night to report. I did eat a hardboiled egg and piece of hard cheddar cheese because I still am not getting enough protein and because I didn’t get the fat from avocado in the green smoothie. I also had some dried chick peas for protein, but they were way too tasty and chip-like to be used in the future, I think.

So still some kinks to work out and I definitely need to get more avocados (maybe just two so as not to freak me out with ripeness), but in the meantime I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing about Day 7. “Just” three more weeks…Ooph.



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