Juicing, Day 6: The First Weekend

Day Six – Sunday, August 13th

(and parts of Saturday!)

This was my first weekend doing the 28-Day Juice plan, and especially after my Friday festivities, I was very prepared to have a regimented weekend to make sure I didn’t quit like I normally do on the weekends.

Well, that all fell apart quickly. Saturday I slept until around 12:30 and I woke up to a message from my friend David who I hadn’t seen in years. He was going to be in town and wanted to know if I could meet up! I wanted to but also felt panicky, like I wouldn’t be able to be good company if I weren’t eating, and like I wouldn’t stick to the juicing anyway if I didn’t get started right away. But there was no time.

I decided that not going would be really dumb. I’d miss seeing my friend and I wouldn’t be focusing on the whole aspect of this challenge. It’s not just about learning how to survive off juice during specific hours; it’s about learning balance and confidence.

No regrets whatsoever. I had an absolutely fun and lovely afternoon. I did take some sips from his flight of beer at the brewery we went to, but I avoided food (mmmmm, fried avocados) and mostly stuck to water and unsweetened iced tea. Great conversation outside in the sun, and I felt zero deprivation.

After David and I parted ways, I went to the store for fresh supplies for the next three days! No more dicking around with hodgepodges! Got home, started juicing around five and wrote the Day Four blog. That took up most of my evening, but I did make an apple ginger shot and later a savory juice called Rainbow Remedy that I posted in yesterday’s “I don’t feel gooooood” blog.

The next day, Day 6, I definitely woke up feeling the sluggish effects of inconsistent juicing and though I hadn’t cheated wildly, I know that I’d feel better with more sips o’ juice and fewer of beer. I followed the day’s recipes, having an Electrolyte shot and a Fibre Optics juice, subbing banana for the pear that I’d somehow managed to forget.

I also juiced both servings for the day of the sexily named “Diuretic One.” But then my stomach started hurting. It was a bad combo of hunger pangs and knowing that if I drank juice, I very well might throw it up. So when Josh offered to make me some toast, I said yes. I had one and a half slices and they made me feel better without the guilt I’d have experienced, had I waited longer and caved completely to pasta or something. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if we lived really close to good pizza.

All in all, not the best weekend in terms of champion juicing, but I feel good to have gotten through it without giving up, great to have seen a friend for lunch, and ready to begin the second week (!!) fresh, focused, and strong!


^ Electrolyte shot (L), Fibre Optics (Top), Diuretic One (Bottom)

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3 Responses to Juicing, Day 6: The First Weekend

  1. Not entirely sure how you ever got by without Josh.

  2. And was that myspace David?

  3. judisunshine says:

    Hahahahaha I know, right?!?! And yes!

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