Juicing, Day 5: Going Through the Motions

Day Five – Saturday, August 12th

I don’t feel good at ALL today (SPOILER: I’m on Day 6). I felt extremely low energy since waking up, despite getting sleep, and now I have an excruciating stomach ache. But I said I’d post every day, so here I am! Still hanging in there, but today was a rough one and now I’m going to try to sleep and get to tomorrow. If I stay up, I think it will be too tempting to have pasta or something like that. For now, I will post pics of the juices I drank on Day 5, and write about the whole weekend more tomorrow.

Had the good ol’ apple-ginger shot:


And then for the first time made Rainbow Remedy, which had tomatoes in it! I lovvvve tomato juice and V-8, so this was a nice one. I look forward to more tomato juicing!


See you back here tomorrow, when hopefully my vim and vigor will have returned!

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