Intentionally Cheesy Movie Night 1: Graduation Day

“The seniors at Midville High are DYING TO GRADUATE…”


Obviously, I needed to buy this movie. Or rather, convince my friend to buy it since I was sans cash. Though I would have sold myself on the street to get it if need be. Not really, I had cash in the car. But I could not have been more excited about the movie.

As you can imagine, “Graduation Day” is fantastic. Everything you’d hope for in such a film was there. Including Vanna White in scenes where I swear I don’t think anyone wrote these scenes. She and some other chick act like semi-drunk girls in Acting 101. Awkward and REALLY freaking loud. And talking over each other but not in a realistic way, in a really unfortunate improv scene kind of way.

There is a Youtube video WordPress won’t let me post, of all the deaths. It lasts 4 minutes and 23 seconds. Think about that for a second, especially when you consider that there is a gloriously awful song in the movie that lasted seven and a half minutes and is so loud you can’t even hear the dialogue over it.

Seriously, great movie.


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