12 Hours*

*Or, How A Night Of Drinking Became A Film Festival**

**Without The Film***


6-8:30pm – The Fish Out Of Water Tale
Babz and Judi reluctantly go to Mirage to bid an awesome coworker farewell. Sit back and enjoy the wackiness as two girls accustomed to beer, jeans, and inexpensive tabs get thrown into a world of VIP sections, hair gel, and oonst-oonst music!


10-10:30pm – The Independent Film
Babz and Judi sit in Stingers and discuss life’s minutiae. They enjoy the company of bartenders and friends, Kevin, Billy, and Jamie. A beer here, a shot there, and good conversation, all set to a killer soundtrack, of course.

10:30-11:30pm – The Sure-To-Age-Awkwardly Technologically Hip Movie
Babz and Judi make calls on their cell phones! They text people! People text back! Bonnie might be coming but she left her wallet at home! Text her back, quick, Babz! You can lend her money from one of those ATM machines!

11:30pm-12am – The Tearjerker

Watch as Judi makes Bonnie cry within the first five minutes of her arrival!

12-1am – The Chick Flick
Megan completes this quirky cast of four girls bonding, laughing, and making memories. The girls’ friendship is tested when Hat Girl pisses off Bonnie, but in the end, they overcome their differences through the power of estrogen and beer.

1-1:30am – The Foreign Arthouse Film
In an ambitious departure from type, Judi becomes a British lesbian! For what better way to get rid of the annoying guy at the bar than by liking girls and having a European accent!

1:30-2:30am – The Self-Indulgent Vanity Project

This plotless piece goes on for too long and features mostly tedious conversations and uninspired character studies.

2:30-3am – The Musical
The highlight of this show features Megan in a career-making dance number, as a down-and-out Army girl who triumphs over adversity through cartwheels and dazzling spins!

3-4am – The Exploitation Flick
Babz starts fights in the bathroom, and Bonnie becomes a good-girl-gone-bad when the bartenders ply her with shots. Judi is miscast as a girl who just sits there and tells Bonnie how awesome she is.

4-4:30am – The Documentary
Whimsical fun as Kevin and Bonnie take turns behind the camera to document the evening.

4:30-5am – Film Noir

Kevin and Jamie engage in performance art, affixing drink stirrers to their bodies. Dim lighting, smoky air, and Cure songs complete the feel of this experiment in surrealism.

5-6am – The Summer Blockbuster
Action packed and fast paced, this movie’s got it all! Everyone wants to drive Babz home, but she’s got other plans! Don’t miss the non-stop thrills as our heroine outwits her captors, evading them at every turn. She’s not one, but two steps ahead at any given moment – escaping via the bathroom, even sacrificing her own cell phone to dodge the high-speed car chase at the climax! This film will have audiences glued to their seats, right up through the unexpected twist ending that will have everyone talking!

© October 24, 2005

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