Summer Camp, BFFs, and the Latest Ep of “Faking It”

In 1989, I went to summer camp with my redheaded best friend, as well as her other best friend. Together we rode in a van, learned the ice-cream man states song, then spent the rest of the week engaging in mostly good times, but here and there a power struggle, and always dealing with emotions.

Because while BFF and I had no problem sharing each other’s friendship with people we both met together at school, Camp BFF was also her Church BFF, and had seniority. I really did like CCBFF and never wanted my friend to feel anything less than rich with love and friends, but was terribly jealous, nonetheless.

So while I’ve written about my love for “Faking It” before, the latest ep took it to a whole other level. This time, the blonde and the redhead trade places in terms of affection battles. It was heartwrenching to watch the flashbacks — I missed that raw angst and didn’t miss it one bit, equally.

Unlike Past Me, Karma has legit reason to be jealous. Even during Sabrina’s vantage-point flashbacks, she seems pretty bitchy and vaguely psycho, even for a 12-year-old. What I’m really scared of is that present-day Sabrina is only pretending to be confused about her sexuality, in order to give herself the one competitive advantage that Karma lacks. I adore Amy, and she can’t get hurt any more!

Meanwhile, Lauren and Liam are bunking up, a la Drew and Fiona on “Degrassi.” When the latter refuses to be New Lisbeth any longer, then braces himself for the backlash, the former surprises him, us, and possibly even herself, by saying that she likes living with him even if he does break her number one rule (“Don’t piss me off”) sometimes. These two are so going to happen and I’m psyched, but still pissed that none of my shows can keep the “Hart of Dixie” girl around for longer than five minutes!

The only thing awesomer than Lauren’s Game Night is her severe-faced phone invitation to it. Karmy scenes were of course moving and heartbreaking and wonderful.

But my favorite part was Shane and Noah. I’m starting to think that Michael J. Willett has Spike Syndrome; i.e., chemistry with anyone he’s in a scene with, to the nth degree if it’s romantic. I will always miss Duke, but Elliot Fletcher is great as Noah, and I’m looking forward to where the show goes with both him and them.

I love “Faking It.” Not just for its entertainment value, but because it IMO symbolizes a generation that might get dismissed sometimes, but is the most fluidly human/e one so far. Please don’t cancel it, MTV!


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