Thoughts While Watching “Frasier” Instead of Going to Sleep

1) I’m no Freud fangirl, but I doubt that he would ever use “impact” as a verb.

2) Frasier is especially annoying in this episode. I could see his beef with guests’ not taking the party seriously, but they have! They just didn’t exactly do what he was looking for. Geez, Frasier.

3) I love John Mahoney, and even though Martin is fictional, I love how happy Niles’s dressing up as him made him. (And no, Freud wouldn’t write that grammatically meandering sentence either, but whatever.) And Niles’s speech-as-Marty was beautiful and touching.

4) How could anyone not respect a Wonder Woman costume? That is one of my goals, to be hot enough to rock a full-fledged Wonder Woman costume.

5) Alexis Bledel just will not stop getting prettier. Yes, that’s from a commercial, and yes, I’ve said it before, but it cannot be said enough. You go with your crazy beauty, Alexis. Now, SHE could rock a Wonder Woman costume tomorrow.

6) Do any boys have bowl haircuts outside of TV?

7) I used to find Frasier nerdily endearing, but after knowing and sometimes dating men as self-absorbed and self-humorless as him, I now just want to smack him and get him to enjoy life a little.

8) Niles should drink beer more often.

9) Good on you, Frasier — you should say “I’m terribly sorry” more often. And you should also drink more beer.

10) Damn, John Mahoney rocks my world.

11) Six beers, Niles? SIX BEERS, and you are having drunken moments of shame? That’s pathetic. And also confusing, because don’t you always drink sherry and wine and brandy and all that? I can’t date you.

12) How late are kids allowed to trick-or-treat in Seattle?

12:30) I love cats, but I could be totally into having a dog if he was as awesome as Eddie.

1 am) Yay, another Frasier! I love the new WB nighttime lineup! Now just switch “Everybody Loves Raymond” with “Friends,” and we’ll be all set.

© September 20, 2005

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