Tom Westman

Great news, everybody! First off, Tom Westman won “Survivor!” This thrills me to no end. He is, in my opinion, the best winner ever. Although he wasn’t all Machiavellian like Rich or Brian, I think he played a truly excellent game. He sold himself short at the reunion, in my opinion, when he said his strategic game wasn’t so great. Maybe he was just being humble. But although it is true that Koror never had to worry about tribal council except for that one time where Willard got voted off, that was due in HUGE part to Tom! He was tough as nails in every challenge with Koror, and provided them with tons of protein. He won five out of seven individual immunities, and came close to winning the other two.

From a strictly strategic standpoint, I think it is remarkable that he survived the post-merge tribal councils where he didn’t have immunity, because Tom wasn’t exactly flying below any radar. We saw him stay steps ahead of what was going on, and he was very smart. He was right in telling Ian that they shouldn’t go on that reward together, and he worked on Caryn, whom most others were ignoring. Although Katie felt strong armed by Tom when he pointed out to her why she should stick with Ian and himself, he was correct. The man was no strategic slouch. I wasn’t crazy about how he handled things with Ian towards the end, especially because I love Ian and think he is a beautiful person in every way, but it won Tom the game, so there you go.

So big congratulations and love to Tom and his family, and to Engine 108. NYFD, go! Whos better than New York firefighters, really? I am hard pressed to think of a group, and I think Tom did them proud out in Palau.

The second part of the great news, to me, is that “Survivor” is once again accepting applications! I was so nervous when the site said that they had stopped. I’ve wanted to apply for a while now, and thought I’d really blown my chance. But it’s back!

I think the game of “Survivor” is amazing. It’s not just a reality show of whining and complaining. “Survivor” takes real skill on a multitude of levels. It’s like chess, with people. And starvation. And possibly having to eat huge grasshoppers or drink blood. I always thought that I had it in me to do the physical stuff. Although I’m not the world’s best athlete, I think I’m fairly tough, and very stubborn and competitive. But it wasn’t until I won an online game of “Survivor” last year, that I realized I’m pretty darn good at the strategy part. That was exciting!

So wish me luck, okay? And, I’ve said it before, but Mark Burnett give me a chance! You won’t regret it; I promise! I promise never to quit, and never to whine about integrity and honesty, because that’s annoying. And I’m not a superhero like Tom, so I’ll have to scheme and manipulate to go forward. Please — your show RULES!

And Tom, if you ever want to go for a beer, email me! Congratulations again — you’re awesome. Thank you for helping to make this season of “Survivor” my favorite one ever, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting the people of New York.

© May 16, 2005

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