Life Lessons of the Week

1. If you discover that it’s snowing outside, even though it’s almost April, put on your headphones and blast “Open Arms” by Journey. Works like a charm.

2. Going to visit one of your best friends in the hospital after she’s just had a baby can be a really nice way to spend an evening.

3. Looking at greeting cards when you have PMS is a very bad idea, because you might just start crying right there in the aisle.

4. You would think that the 50% off card store wouldn’t charge $9.99 for a string bracelet, but you would be wrong.

5. It is harder to find coloring books than you might realize.

6. “Tonsillitis” is the more common spelling than “tonsilitis,” which makes no sense.

7. Bedazzlers are actually very difficult to use.

8. There are people who still say “You can’t handle the truth!”

9. Those same people expect you to laugh when they say it.

10. Although spending time with your friend and her newborn is amazing, eating lunch while your coworkers discuss their placenta experiences is not.

11. Certified Swedish Dog Behaviorist is an actual job that people have.

12. When you are experiencing a devastating breakup, and you go to H&M, and you hear a voice inside your head telling you to buy that strapless leopard-print dress, IGNORE IT.

13. It’s okay to be late for work if there is a really beautiful cardinal outside your window, and you need to watch it for a few minutes to feel happier about life.

© March 23, 2005

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