My Monday Morning


The Bad:

– I went upstate this weekend, and left my jacket there. My jacket contained my swipe cards for work and also my ATM card. So even though I was on time for work for a change, I had no electronic proof of this.

– I also couldn’t get into the building.

– And I had to drive to work on empty.

– I used some of my precious morning minutes to make oatmeal at home since I had no money for a bagel from the coffee cart man, but although I followed the directions, and although I have made this oatmeal a million times, for some reason, it exploded in the microwave, then petrified and also smelled like fish.

– I left my water in the car and can’t go get it since I can’t get back in the building.

– I begged for a mercy coffee from my friend, then proceeded to spill it all over my desk, jeans, and the floor.

– I managed to electrically shock my left breast as I accidentally banged into my cubicle wall.

– What looked like a clean shirt when I found it on my floor actually has a stain on it and is covered with cat hair.


The Good:

– Nikko is back on “American Idol.” Good for him, I think he got a bum deal before. I feel bad for Mario, but this is my “good” list.

– I finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Season 5 “Sopranos” so now I can read Aaron’s TWoP recaps of them.

– My coffee (the part that I didn’t spill) may finally be kicking in.

– I’m learning some HTML!

– I am wearing my respectable sneakers today as opposed to the literally falling apart ones that I wear every day because they make me taller and I am too lazy to go to Payless.

– It’s sunny out. I dont really care that much, but my OCD tendencies mandate that I have 14 things on my list(s) since it is the 14th.

© March 14, 2005

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1 Response to My Monday Morning

  1. Elaine says:

    I had the same knee jerk reaction that you had. If you think about it thgouh netflix has been running at $9.99 for a very long time and constantly adding more streaming content and ways to access that content without ever increasing the prices. I think the dramatic jump in pricing from a company that has become so deeply integrated into our technologically driven lives is a bit of a shock. I think that once that shock wears off people will realize that netflix is still a good bargain. I get 500 channels on cable, watch less than 1% of what’s available to me, and pay almost $100 a month to time-warner for their pile of crap programming. $16 a month for the amount of streaming content and DVD/blu-ray selections, is really kind of a steal. Ultimately, people who actually use netflix aren’t going anywhere. I think some people who have a low rate of turn over on dvd exchanges will drop that service and stick to lower cost options like on demand or redbox. All in all i think this was a smart move for netflix, and hopefully the added revenues will add to the streaming library.

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