10 Reasons for Joy In My Day

1) Having the very last slice of TH pizza for the season as my breakfast — thank you Trevor Stice; it was delicious.

2) Learning a few new tasks that keep Jan-Pro running, and that I can now help with.

3) Doing 1,000 steps on the stair climber at Bally’s, as I personally train for the Incline specifically — despite not feeling like working out at all.

4) The post-workout steam and sauna, always a relaxing blessing.

5) Hanging out at my parents’ house, getting nostalgic for 2011 as though it were 10 years ago, and letting Tommy and Crispin out after their long-suffering 48 hours of being indoors.

6) A couple of thought-provoking conversations regarding Manitou issues with people who agree, disagree, and everything in between, and still being friends when all is said and done.

7) Getting some time away from my teeny town for a breather and bit of anonymity, even if it’s only one exit away, and even though I’ll be thrilled to get back in a day or two.

8) Knowing that Josh Rotunda will be joining me after he finishes work.

9) Seeing my FB friends get excited about life — Coby Archa watching “Frozen” with his family in costume, so many NY friends preparing for/dreading with hilarity the half-marathon tomorrow, and even those who are not having the best days, fighting through and finding joy and hope for tomorrow.

10) Not needing to remind myself that “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it” until I was winding around 24, already filled with joy.

It wasn’t a glamorous day — just a good one<3

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