Shows I’m Currently Watching, Now That I Have Cable :)

So, for a year plus now, Josh and I have been watching many shows on DVD, because a) we love television and b) we didn’t have cable.

Now we are living together and wonder of wonders, the new place has cable! Well okay, we are now paying for cable service. And may I just say that Colorado cable packages have got nothing on the New York ones that I shilled for whilst working at Wilen Media.

But first-world problems to be sure, and let me get to the point, which is that it’s interesting, as a TV obsesser, to be once again, fueled by the power of the cable box. Or remote, rather, because things are all high tech now. In the same way that I loved talk radio/1010 WINS back in New York, I love having “live” television in my home. It’s great to put on makeup to the accompanying dulcet tones of Howie Mandel, as opposed to my general ennui. Just knowing there are other people in the house with you, makes life less scary.

Still, I can’t just abandon TV on DVD, one of the most glorious inventions ever known to man. And also, have I mentioned the terrible Colorado cable packages? When one can’t watch “Degrassi” for free, one knows that things are not right in Whoville. Still, I’m very happy to have unsettling news anchors once again, screaming in my face.

And with no further adieu, I present to you:

Shows That I’ve Been Watching In My New Cable-y Apartment!

How I Met Your Mother

I’ve loved this show for awhile, but despite having Netflixed the first three seasons even during back when a time that I had cable, I did not keep up with this show. When I moved to Colorado two years ago, there were several crying jags during the times that my parents were off networking, and I had control of the cable box. When “The Best Years” and/or “Single Ladies” wasn’t on, “How I Met Your Mother” was.

Here in real time, I appreciate that this show has become the new “Friends,” in terms of cable accessability. On Valentine’s Day, Josh had to work, but I baked him some cookies and homemade mac and cheese. “How I Met Your Mother” was airing a Valentine’s Day love marathon of eps, and though I was alone in the apartment, life felt good 🙂


Speaking of “Friends,” here it is on my list. Last year, my friend Pete gave Josh the birthday gift of a free night’s stay at Manitou’s best place to lodge: The Eagle Motel. I surprised Josh with balloons and a mojito bar, and we spent much of the night enjoying live cable, in the form of “Friends.”

“Friends” is just one of the Shows Of My Life, that is one of the shows of everyone’s life, so there’s little to embellish. That said, I just caught the tail-end of Ross and Rachel’s breakup the other day, and man does that still make me cry. Ross’s hope when she orders the pizza – sob. “Then how come it is?” DOUBLE SOB!

That ‘70s Show

Okay so Donna looks way better as a blonde than I remember. Mostly, her blonde hair triggers my desire to post on Jump The Shark. But it is not the fault, of Donna’s blonde hair. It is the fault of the producers of “That ‘70s Show” trying to keep the show alive in the form of veritable zombies. All the remaining actors and characters were great. But that show should have ended sooner :-/

Game of Thrones

Because as I said, it’s not like we’re just going to shun TV on DVD. Especially when “Game of Thrones” exists, and Josh wants to watch it.

I’m not gonna lie. The other night we watched a particularly disturbing Joffrey ep, and the way I felt after it, was how I felt after seeing “Hostel II” in the theater – dirty, upset, sad, filled with nightmares.

But ya know, such is life, and even whilst mentally shunning “Game of Thrones” forevermore, I couldn’t stop wondering after Tyrion, aka one of the best characters/actors EVER, not to mention my abiding girl crush Khaleesi, because what of the dragons!, were up to.

So after taking a few-days break, I revisited “Game of Thrones.” What a freaking ride. In the good way.


Speaking of girl crushes, and to paraphrase Danny Drennan: HowmuchdoIlove Mary Louise Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glorious, ethereal, amazing, astonishing, perfect – my English major heart can’t come up with just the right word for the magic that is MLP’s Nancy Botwin. But I can say that she is one character that I mourn, that I’m gonna freaking miss.

Another blog for another time. But this is another show we finished, thanks to Josh’s purchase of Season 8. And man, was that show worth watching from start to end.


Gilmore Girls

We’ve been watching this show, yet another on DVD, and now we’re in Season Seven, and I don’t want to let it go. Watching this show with a fresh pair of eyes will never stop being awesome to me. Sharing the lives of all the Lorelais. I’ve staggered it out for over a year, but the time is coming soon, to say goodbye, yet again. And “I Will Always Love You,” “Gilmore Girls.”

30 Rock

What a fantastically wonderful show. It airs in real time, sometimes, and we leave it on. On Demand, we’ve watched every season. Though I’ve neglected “30 Rock” while not having cable, I’m caught up, and I’m going to miss this show. Can I get a fittingly awkward high five and AMEN to Tina Fey’s goddess status?


This is my show with my brother Robb. Taco Bell and Hawaii VHS tapes ftw! And while “Seinfeld” actually now just mostly makes me want to watch “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Seinfeld” is a great trip down 1997’s memory lane.


Similar principle. But I forgot how much I love Roz specifically, and the ability of a show in general, to pull off solid farce.

Everybody Loves Raymond

RIP Peter Boyle; you graced the world in a major way.

That said, I get why people hate this show. Personally, I’m ambivalent, especially now that Ray Romano is wooing my girl Lauren Graham on “Parenthood.” But I’d be lying if I said that a) I never read and enjoyed Patricia Heaton’s memoir and b) I never LOLed at this show. Its presence on cable makes me happy.

Who’s the Boss?

Because sometimes, especially when Alyssa Milano has been your lifelong beacon of television ladies, it’s pretty amazing when she can make you cry whilst she is sporting a French braid, and you are 37.

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