Jigsaw Is Kind of the Man

This is part one of a blog. The second part will be about forgiveness. I am relating it to “Saw III,” but you don’t have to have seen it, or any “Saw,” to read part two. This part one is for the “Saw” fans, or for people curious as to why I would watch these movies to begin with, or if you just want to accompany me on my neverending journey for Life Meaning. Just don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled by “Saw III.”


“Saw.” Man. As many of you know, I am relatively new to horror movies. I love “Poltergeist” and ’70s-eeriness, but I have a very active imagination and a very selective tolerance for violence. And I hate torture. I hate anything (say it with me) regarding helpless feelings.


“Saw” was awesome. I was really turned off to “torture porn” after “Hostel II,” but many people I respect said that “Saw,” though it gets lumped in with torture porn, was/is different.

And it is. The first movie had a lot of really horrifying moments, a lot of gross moments, but it was at its core a psychological thriller. While “Hostel II” and many other movies examine, “What would you do to kill?” “Saw” examines, “What would you do to live?”

What DO you do to live?

Are you living at all?

These are the uncomfortable issues that the “Saw” movies examine.

“Saw II” was a bloody sequel that I fittingly accompanied with red wine, and it didn’t really affect me, except on the level that it was cool and exciting and I’m happy that my personal New Kid favorite is doing well for himself as an actor.

“Saw III,” now.

I was prejudiced towards both liking this movie, and being disgusted by it, thanks to my brother Eric. Now, in case you don’t already realize this, Eric is the man. He’s a 17-year-old dude (UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE!: He’s now 21, but the latter sentiments remain the same:) filled with morals, a brain, talent and good taste. Plus, he is very metal.) If you live in Colorado and need a guitarist and/or lead singer, look him up! You’re welcome.

So anyway, when Eric told me that “Saw III” was awesome, and described in great detail, a scene where maggot-ridden pigs get juiced on top of a guy trapped in a well-type place, I both was intrigued and repulsed.

And as much as I liked “Saw” and “Saw II,” I am still “Gilmore Girls”-loving me, and wasn’t especially jonesing to see maggoty pigs. (I’d blocked out the rest of the description.)

But my friend wants to see “Saw V” in the theaters with me, so I had to see “Saw III” and “IV.” Fittingly, Luke from “Gilmore Girls” is in “IV!”

First, however, I had to brave the maggoty pigs. And I am very glad I did, because not only was “Saw III” phenomenal (though I won’t lie, I looked away for entire scenes), it taught me an invaluable lesson about the meaning of life. At least, I hope so ❤

More to follow 😉

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