Ask The Waitress: “Officer, He Swore He Was 21!”

Q: Is “Dude. Seriously? These are our parents, ” a valid ID in the state of Colorado?

 A: No :-/

I don’t mean to be a jerk, but is it truly a hardship to carry a valid form of photo identification on oneself if one plans to drink in at least the United States? Now, I don’t want to get all Big Brother about things.

BUT! You’re going out and you want a beverage of an alcoholic nature, and you look like you could still be of potentially childbearing age (or thereabouts if you are a man)? Bring an ID, because that’s just how it goes.

The base line where I work, age-wise, is if you look under 40, I have to ID you. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. It’s literally the one thing I could get fired for, not checking.

I do get the other angle. There’s a place that my mom likes, but hates that it IDs everyone, no matter what, including my parents, who are now both in their 60s. And I could see that; so can the place where I work. So we have the looks-under-40 rule.

If you’re for real, and you’re cool, and you come in frequently, (and especially if you are nice and tip well!), we’re not going to throw you against the wall and fingerprint you before handing you a Fat Tire. At least not every single time 😉

And while I heard but did not visually witness aforementioned woman getting mad over having been asked for her ID (it was a different restaurant in town), I glanced at her, and she looked 25 at most. Easily could be younger, and in towns like mine, undercover people do elaborate stings! So I’d have checked her, myself.

I am not lacking in empathy. Even just within the past year, I’ve been denied access to (Denver!) bars, depending on the paperwork of my fellow parties. And I’ve been legal to drink for almost 16 years.

But it’s the law. And not one of the laws I’m willing to get all up in the face of. Photo identification takes up almost no space. If you forget it, that sucks, and I’ve been there, but glowering at your server or bartender or even grosser the busperson not even legal to get your sorry ass a beer in the first place?

And acting as though s/he should risk a job just because you can’t get it together to bring ID with you out to the bar? Or worse yet, because you’re too tired to reach into your wallet and pull it out?


ID,  or it’s Dr. Pepper for you! Sawry, sawry. Next time, come prepared!

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10 Responses to Ask The Waitress: “Officer, He Swore He Was 21!”

  1. Amanda says:

    I deal with this daily. Apparently it is painful for some people to carry ID.

  2. Mike says:

    Happens all the time with me on traffic stops – people are easily inconvienced these days; its ridiculous.

  3. everyone should carry a wallet or purse. id’s are in their wallet or purse, right? what is the big problem here? I’m not seeing it.

    • judisunshine says:

      Rick, thanks for reading! And seriously. Waitresses are the proverbial kicked dogs, often time. “I hate my life! I will give you a hard time about my idea, then tip you shittily!”

      It sucks to lose one’s ID, but it’s so not hard to carry one! I love when I ask, and people get all Anne Hathaway: “Please! I have a child!” and it’s like okay congrats, but that means nothing to me.

    • judisunshine says:

      Me neither! But people get so MAD!


  4. I do find it a little weird and annoying to show ID in the States, especially since living abroad. I’ve literally NEVER been asked for an ID in Europe or Asia. Then again, drinking is treated as something people can take care of themselves over, and in general, can. Treat even kids like adults and suddenly they become more like adults.

    But it does crack me up that when I visit I have to show ID. In my 30s, with streaks of grey in my hair! Thank goodness I keep my DL on me anyway, but I can’t imagine the mystification some foreign tourists must have. “This strict about drinking but they just hand out guns!”

  5. I’m not saying I get angry about it or anything, it’s just such a silly aspect of our culture.

    • judisunshine says:

      Replying to you a year later! To say that I tend to agree. And normally “S/he was just doing her job!” is far from a compelling argument. But in this case, it’s like when people ask if they can smoke weed on the patio or only cigs, and I have to respond, “Just the one that’ll kill you.” Not my fave law, but one I have to enforce while on the clock!

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