3 Awesome Memories from My High School Senior Lounge

When I was in 12th grade, we were given a senior lounge. Whose idea it was to give a bunch of 17-18 year olds their own unsupervised classroom I don’t know, but let me extend a slow clap. Because it was awesome. Clearly, our job as students (when we weren’t banned all the time like our poor friend Mary Kate), was to make TPTB as regretful as possible that they gave it to us! Three awesome ways we got up to mischief in the senior lounge were as follows:


Somewhere along the line, we realized that spinning was the best thing ever. But not just any spinning. You had to walk around in a circle with three steps, then get UP on your toe and hold your other leg like a stork! This was considered the best way to maximize your spinning high. So we started doing this, naturally, during our down time. A room full of teenagers just spinning around and around until we fell down. You may never known how creative people can get with their spare time until you meet teenagers who don’t drink, get high, or have sex. We will discuss “Spot the Looney” at a later date.

The Fires

I’m not sure if this has been an always thing, but it was new to us in the early ‘90s, that if you spray hairspray on your clothes and set it on fire, you don’t actually catch on fire. But oh man, was that a popular pastime in the good ol’ senior lounge. Most notorious (to me at least) was the day that Mum was napping face-down on one of the couches, and woke up to her butt on fire! Good times, good times. Kids, don’t try this at home!

The Washing Machine

Lolololololol 😀 This was one of the proudest accomplishments in my entire high school career. One day I was going to Shannon’s house after school, and we passed a washing machine that was just sitting out on someone’s curb to be picked up for trash. So logic would lead to nothing besides our putting it in the trunk of her car, as she drove and I walked behind the car to guide the washing machine. We brought it into the senior lounge – how, I do not recall, but we were very stealth. And TPTB were decidedly displeased to witness the newest addition to our senior lounge décor. If it wasn’t gone by graduation, none of us were graduating 😮 In retrospect, we should have taken them up on this so as to be like Matthew McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused.” But graduate we did, though not without an impassioned plea to leave the awesomeness there for the next year’s seniors to enjoy. I mean, who wouldn’t want a washing machine in a room!

Do you have any senior lounge tales of mischief?

If you went to SSCS and remember stuff I missed, please chime in!

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5 Responses to 3 Awesome Memories from My High School Senior Lounge

  1. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, I was the twin of Anthony Michael Hall ala Breakfast Club my senior year – I would have had my head swirlied in the toilet if I even stepped foot in a senior lounge. Fun read –

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