This House…Is Clean?

(And so the hauntings conclude (FOR NOW), not with a bang, but a whimper (TM my boy T.S.).

So when I was living in my second Merrick apartment (the one before the current Levittown one), I remember trying to download “Like Humans Do” by David Byrne, ’cause I think they played it on “LOST,” and I was neither having sex nor doing drugs, so obvi I was deep in the throes of Mix CD Obsessiveness.

However, my iPod would not accept the song, and my iTunes would not play it. But there it was, in my computer.

Fast forward to November 2006. My computer had broken, completely and utterly, wiped out like Tara’s brain in S5 “Buffy,” and my friend Brian was kind enough to give me his old one (thanks Brian!!!). So clearly, I didn’t have my old files on this computer.

Or did I?

I didn’t actually CHECK to see if “Like Humans Do” was on Brian’s old/my new computer. I mean, why would I? It’s not his type of music. Plus, it didn’t make me all reflective and inspired like Rilo Kiley, nor was it obnoxious enough to warrant blasting in my apartment like my tried and true “Appetite for Destruction,” or Eric’s Children of Bodom songs on his page, or Marc’s insurmountable Standalone Player (RIP, also WTF! No offense to your Slick River song, which is of course awesome). And more to the point, since I’d completed the chronological “LOST” (O?)CD back in ’05, I really hadn’t given “Like Humans Do” a second thought.

On top of THAT, the new hard drive (? I think? Something bad happened.) crashed, and I lost everything. Bad, because…well, that’s bad, but good, because my friend was able to basically build me a new computer thanks to his *connections* and technical savvy! Which also meant that the kibosh was finally put on my mysterious Bloodhound virus that acted as its own kind of haunting.

But I lost everything. Imagine my SURPRISE then, when just now, I’m fiddling around with my Windows Media Player. It seemed lonely, and now I realize that it was trying to tell me something.

I go to the drop-down list just out of curiosity to see if maybe I got some free music, since I don’t know how to use iTunes without erasing my iPod and really it’s a wonder that I don’t fall down or burn myself even more often than I normally do, ’cause functioning in life is like a broken second language to me.

But so guess what was there! ONE SINGULAR sensation TRACK! “Like Humans Do” by David Byrne.


Which means that this apartment is particularly hardcore. As you all know, I’ve been haunted before. But never twice in the same apartment, unless you count the omnipresence of Jolene the Ubiquitous Ladybug of Oneonta, though that wasn’t really haunt-y so much as cute relief from the horror of life at the time.

I think maybe what’s going on is that this apartment doesn’t want to let me go. As further proof, I was totally going to take a shower like two hours ago, but kept procrastinating and am now writing a blog. But I have to get going! Wednesday is moving day! Good grief!

But WHY does the apartment not want to let me go? Because awwww, I anthropomorphize enough without thinking that my pretty purple walls will be sad when I leave.

Or perhaps, what’s going on is a mystery that I was meant to solve! I mean, this IS the apartment where I watched almost three seasons of “Veronica Mars.” Maybe the apartment had high hopes for my sleuth skills, and though I let it down by having “Gilmore Girls” on a permanent loop, not to mention that day I just watched monkey movies for hours (WEED IS DANGEROUS TO SOCIETY), it realizes that this is its last hope to get my attention.

But what is the mystery! Is it like that book I loved when I was younger, I can’t remember the name and Google and I aren’t friends anymore, so I don’t know the exact title, but it was about a girl named Darcy who solved a murder mystery because the people who were murdered acted it out in her dollhouse?

So the bottom line is, that I don’t even know how I’m going to manage to pack and move all my stuff by next week, and now on top of it, I might have to solve a murder. And I don’t even have a dollhouse! (Sadly.)

Wish me luck.

© August 10, 2007

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