Thoughts While Popping My “Alias” Cherry

– There are groceries…and there are liquor bottles…and there is a slushee machine? All in one place? That’s brilliant! Why don’t we have these stores in New York?

– Yay, Greg Grunberg! Hi, Greg Grunberg!

– Hot damn, Sydney! I knew you were in amazing shape, but I didn’t think a real live person could pull off a neon blue rubber minidress! Holy crap!

– See, okay, how can I properly grieve and be all dramatic if I don’t have a bathtub to cry in while listening to chick music in dim lighting?

– J.J. Abrams is great at finding actresses who can have breakdowns like, out of nowhere. So why hasn’t Alyson Hannigan been on any of his shows yet?

– Am I the only one who doesn’t really get the whole Michael Vartan thing? I was all prepared to love him, ’cause he has that cute/smart thing going on, but he’s leaving me cold. He’s kinda smug looking, no?

– People on TV seem to go visit graves a lot more than people in real life. Or do I just know a lot of uncaring people?

– Okay, yes J.J., I know you love “La Cienega Just Smiled,” but could ya find a new song, maybe? You played it on “Felicity” like three times, and now here it is on “Alias.” And it’s not exactly helping that you’re using it to background another “guy friend is in love with girl who doesn’t like him *that way*” plot. I mean, really.

– Okay, yeah, J.J.? Despite my previous complaint, I think you do a truly excellent job of soundtracking your shows. However. Please stop using Sarah Mclachlan. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of her music, but for some reason, although you can find really random stuff by other bands no one has every heard of, when it comes to the Mclachlan, you pick the stuff that nobody EVER wants to hear again, least of all in emotional scenes that could be over-the-top fantastic with a different song. Thanks.

– Okay, don’t get me wrong, I think Jennifer Garner is totally hot, but she is a bit mannish in ways, not to mention insanely ripped. So I think it’s going to take me awhile to get used to the fact that her voice really IS that high.

– So, it’s official. “Alias” was the bastion to my becoming J.J. Abrams’s bitch. I don’t see it turning into the utter obsession that “Lost” is for me, and I don’t think it will occupy the special place in my heart that “Felicity” does, but I like it. A lot. Yay!

© January 23, 2006

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1 Response to Thoughts While Popping My “Alias” Cherry

  1. judisunshine says:

    Just for the record, I no longer want the store mentioned in the first thought. I very much support liquor store owners being the ones who sell the liquor, and oppose attempts to allow grocery stores to sell it! It was still a cool-looking store though 🙂

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