Hello! (My first blog)

(If anyone is reading — I’m going to be posting all my blogs here, starting from the beginning, though I’ve already posted a few here.)

Hello! This is my first web diary, and I must warn you that I do not yet have a theme, except for the fact that I plan to talk about television shows a lot, because I have an utterly useless memory bank of such things. I get enough looks as it is about the fact that I know so much about certain shows, and my seeming inability to separate the fantasy of television from the reality of life. Once I start talking in episode titles, the looks change from amusement/pity to slight horror. I try to tell people that there are really intelligent, dynamic people on the Internet that are way more obsessive about TV than I am, but it doesn’t seem to matter. And now that “Buffy” has ended, and along with it, the “Buffy” quote game on the Television Without Pity forums, I have no outlet.

And there is also my Cindy Lubbock reason. Who out there loved “Just the Ten of Us?” Or at least watched it? Does anyone remember “Radio Days,” the one where Cindy really wants to prove herself in life, and so she decides to be a d.j.? I actually don’t remember the details of this ep as well as some of the others, but it was definitely one where Cindy is all deep, and realizing that she is more than just a pretty face, big boobs, and great hair — she is TALENTED! Anyway, she said something at the end about how she liked the idea of being a voice in the night, and that maybe someone would hear her and feel a little less lonely.

So there is that. I’ve definitely stumbled across sites, and shows, and books that have made me feel way less alone, and if I could give that back to someone, that would be awesome. I think that’s one of the reasons some people are more prone to slightly obsessing over fictional characters. Sometimes, there’s just so much crap in your head, and personally, I am way too antisocial to connect all the time with other people, so it’s like you supplement the real people in your life with the fictional people! To me, it makes perfect sense. To some, it sounds psychotic. Maybe it’s both.

Other things I like besides TV! Well, I mentioned Television without Pity, which is about TV, but also about great writing and really smart people, as are Tomato Nation and Fametracker. I also love Rilo Kiley, ’80s hair metal, kick-ass hip hop, curly hair, and cats. I hate generic “dance” music, mayonnaise, and how hard it is to find work as a proofreader. Oh, and dullminded meat/chickenheads who somehow manage to multiply and take over Long Island clubs like gremlins in the movie theater.

Okay, I think I am done for today. I hope if you’re reading this now that you’ll come back!

© March 7, 2005

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