Back to the Here and Now

I’ve been in the official work force since 1992, and babysitting since 1987. There were a couple of unemployed times after layoffs, but even then, I was always looking for work and still freelancing. The last time I had a chunk of true vacation was on a cruise with my family in May 2006.

I don’t have a career to speak of, but do technically work three jobs, plus aforementioned freelance when I can get it. These past 10 days, I didn’t work at any of them.

In a way it was glorious, in others strange, because I work for family at all three places. One, the office job, is literally my family’s business. The restaurant and the newspaper are jobs I lucked into and at each, have been blessed to find bonus family.

This past week-plus has been about beginning a new family. I didn’t think it would be, necessarily. We took off for the wedding, then to stay put so out of towners could meet up if they wanted. Some did and it was awesome, but then it was just us, my husband and I. Which still sounds so weird to say.

As excited and happy as I was for the wedding itself, there was definitely a part of me that eagerly anticipated getting back to normal. Josh and I have lived together for awhile now, nearly four years in our current place. And it just works. No one gets along all the time, but we get along for most of it, and there is no one in the world who makes me laugh as much as he does, which is saying a lot!

The craziness and the tulle and the presents and delicious chocolate lollipops from my sister in law made our place feel like a grown-up version of kid Christmas morning, and having no place to go the day after the wedding felt like bliss incarnate. We could just chill and enjoy our personal after party. Then everything would go back to normal.

The following days were spent getting there. Loved ones returned to New York, California, Montana, Texas, and Florida. I wish we had more trains that would allow us all to hang out on a…basis, at least monthly.

Josh and I stayed put and did a lot of laundry, and dishes, and organizing. We also watched approximately 7 billion horror movies, and I binged Season 10 of “Grey’s” when Josh ran errands and did his thing.

Some Pokemen were caught and I overtook two gyms, but still can’t figure out how to “put my guys in there.” No eggs were hatched, because as much as I love walking in Manitou, this week was about staying put and getting back to normal.

Only what I realized is that the line of “normal” demarcation has shifted and morphed, much like the humans in many of the aforementioned 7 billion horror movies. But in the good way.

Our bed is teal not purple, for the time being. All I want to do now is cook, because nothing sticks to our pots and pans from Josh’s parents, and there are new gadgets and gizmos aplenty, thanks to other family and friends ❤

Things feel better. I don’t know why. Really, I’d have been fine with never getting married again. Josh is my best friend; we love each other, and dig living together — what more do I need than that?

I didn’t need anything more, really. But I’m so grateful for what I got.

Nothing lasts forever; I know this too well. Including our staycation honeymoon. It’s back to life, back to reality. But both those words mean different things now, and I’m so excited to keep reading this life chapter, because it’s already my favorite one yet and I never want it to end.

Thank you Josh. I’m so grateful to be your wife, and happy that my first day back at work will literally be next to you.


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